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LiveTrends Design Group

LiveTrends Design Group

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About Our Brands

Each of our brands inspires lifestyles, mindful living, and celebrates life through thoughtfully-designed interior décor and accessories meant to connect individuals with nature and art.

Our Process

Driven By Trends

Our team of designers works on product development 18 to 24 months out, with our trend-forecasting team working three years out gathering information to guide each of our collections. Our award-winning team of horticulturalists and designers works hand in hand to continually innovate and inspire individuals to create their dream interiors.

Inspired Lifestyles

Our Vision

We believe great design can be accessible, and that anyone can create their dream space with a little help. From the latest trends to our newest arrivals, we love sharing what’s inspiring us and want to help you discover what it means for your space and style.

On-Trend Inspiration

  • Organic-Inspired Room

    Incorporating nature into your home is a trend in our eco-conscious society. Our indoor plants and décor items are the perfect balance for your modern home.

    • Metamorphic
      As we navigate new technology
    • wisdom
      As we navigate new technology
  • Minimalist

    Minimalist design, a celebration of simplicity, nature, and comfort.

    • nexus philodendron shangri-la
      The beauty of contrast lies
    • wabi
      The beauty of contrast lies
  • Maximalist

    Unconventional, creative design style.

    • Tousle
      Designing for happiness empowers us
    • Ficus Burgundy
      Ficus elastica, also known as
      $59.95 – $62.99