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Here’s Why We Love Terracotta So Much (And Why You Will Too)

dimitri • March 31, 2022 • 3 min read

Our Urban Jungle Portfolio is based on terracotta. Not only is it the perfect planter material for a wide variety of plants, but it looks beautiful in every thoughtfully designed shape. Here’s why terracotta is a major player in our collections and is the medium of choice for many other plant lovers, too.

Overwatering? Highly unlikely

One of terracotta’s most unique traits is its ability to draw moisture out of the soil, something plastic and glazed ceramic planters simply can’t do. Because terra cotta is an unglazed ceramic material, its surface is porous. This allows it to absorb and slowly re-release excess water as the soil dries, helping prevent your plant’s soil from becoming waterlogged, which encourages root rot and disease.

Green and sustainable design

And unlike other planter materials (looking at you, plastic), terra cotta is a sustainable resource. Clay, of course, is a naturally occurring material. Terracotta is made with 100% real clay rather than a mixture of natural and synthetic materials, so the manufacturing process doesn’t involve any environmentally harmful chemicals. Today’s terracotta manufacturers have also worked hard to make their kilns more energy efficient.

Not too heavy, not too light…just right

Terracotta also just so happens to be the ideal weight for an indoor or outdoor planter. Lighter weight planters, like those made of plastic, can be toppled by wind or even a curious house cat. Heavy pots made of stone or concrete can be too difficult to move once they’re loaded down with plants and soil. Terracotta’s weight makes it more likely to stand up to gusts or tip-overs without making it impossible to move or rotate your plant. (And should a pot fall and break, terracotta shards can be reused in the bottoms of other planters to add drainage.)

Looking for a unique design element?

For interior design buffs who use plants to bring a natural element into their space, terra cotta is a pretty popular choice. Based on industry trends, terra cotta is favored for its rich, rusty clay color and its ability to fit in any decorative space. As your plant settles into its terra cotta home, the planter’s material will also age beautifully and show patina, adding one-of-a-kind character to the room.

It’s insanely durable and doesn’t break the bank!

Speaking of aging, terra cotta is extremely long-lasting. A terra cotta planter is made to withstand intense weather and heat (it’s already been through a kiln) and handle some wear and tear with grace. While other planter materials might hold up a similar length of time, there’s a reason archaeologists are unearthing centuries-old terra cotta armies.

And for plant parents who prefer to spend their money on rare varieties or special soil blends, terra cotta is budget friendly. Planter prices are usually comparable with plastic pots of the same size, and they come with all of these extra benefits at no added cost.

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