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Great Intermediate Plants

LiveTrends • May 27, 2022 • 4 min read

Ready to level up your plant parenting, but not feeling like an expert just yet? Check out some of these intermediate plants to practice your skills on:

What’s a plant parent to do when it looks like their first plant babe is all grown up? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to hone your skills with a new addition to your plant fam. But this time, why not choose one that is less, shall we say, “beginner” friendly?  We’re not saying go all the way to expert level in one fell swoop— Alocasias and calatheas are beautiful but they can also involve more care than you may feel ready for. Why not find a happy medium and choose the perfect in between plant? Something between a friendly pothos and a mysterious alocasia.

What is an Intermediate Plant?

Not quite “set it and forget it,” but still low maintenance enough you can go on a trip without worrying you’ll return to withered leaves, intermediate plants share a few basic characteristics:

  • They’re forgiving

    Many joke that ZZ plants and sansevierias almost crave neglect. While plants at the intermediate level might not crave it, they are more forgiving of one or two forgotten waterings than expert-level plants.

  • They know how to rebound

    If you do forget one too many waterings or *gasp* leave them too long in the sun without sunscreen, it doesn’t spell the end for them. Most intermediate plants are fairly resilient and can bounce back from some changes in their environment.

  • It’s not as picky about placement

    While they have their preferences, these plants won’t ask you to move them closer to the window at certain times of day or to rotate them clockwise a quarter inch every other watering.

  • They’re visually impressive without the extra care

    While beginner-level plants can be beautiful, leveling up almost guarantees you’ll be raising a plant that’s jaw-dropping and has that little something extra to set it apart from the crowd.


Arid plants such as succulents are intermediate-friendly. If your succulent will live indoors, choose a green variety such as a Haworthia or Gasteria to ensure that even in lower light your succulent stays vibrant. Aside from choosing the right variety, your succulent will be happiest on a hot windowsill where it can get plenty of direct sunlight. Watering is the trickiest part of caring for your succulents, as in contrast to popular opinion, succulents need more water than most expect. Follow a “soak and dry” watering routine where you water and then allow your succulent to dry out before it’s next session with the watering can.


Philodendrons are tropical foliage plants similar to our beginner friendly Pothos, but while they’re also fairly easy to care for some varieties have care needs that push them to the intermediate level. Philos can be easy to over or under water, but they are generally forgiving of both if you adjust your watering routine. Philos are also great at communicating with their parents, so if you’re paying attention your plant will tell you what it needs. There also might be more maintenance in the form of pruning, as Philos are fast growers and if you choose a vining variety, you might have to keep their lengthy vines in check.

Bird’s Nest Ferns

Another great intermediate plant babe is the Bird’s Nest Fern. A tropical shrub, the Bird’s Nest Fern can grow to impressive sizes without expert-level care. Keep your Bird’s Nest in indirect sunlight and make sure that it gets the humidity it needs to thrive. As long as there’s a light source, a spot near the shower in your bathroom can be a great place for your Bird’s Nest Fern. You can also maintain the humidity your plant babe needs with occasional misting.

These are, of course, only a few of the options out there for plants that can help you level up your plant parenting skills. To learn more about different plants and their care needs, visit our plant care guide.

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