Styled Monstera with neutrals.

Green is the New Neutral

dimitri • April 04, 2022 • 3 min read

Adding plants to a room gives it life without disturbing your color palette.

If you’re obsessed with interior design, and determined to make your home match your dream aesthetic, chances are you’re pretty particular about the décor you bring into your space. This is especially true if you’re all about the whites, creams, grays, beiges, and all-around neutral palettes that dominate the home design space.

And while there’s nothing quite like a bright white kitchen (it just looks so clean) or the timeless feel of a cream and black living space, even the most neutral rooms come to life when you add plants. And no, we promise, it won’t completely throw off your carefully curated color selections.

So how do you keep it neutral with nature?

For interior designers, balance is key. Having elements throughout a room that share a characteristic — like two or three green plants — helps the room seem more symmetrical and harmonious to the eye. A completely neutral room can make it hard for your eye to know where to land, but having just a couple anchor points of subtle color can change that.

Plants in a neutral space work perfectly as a natural-yet-eye-catching statement piece. Their calming green hues don’t disrupt the serene vibes created by a neutral, subdued color palette, but instead add just enough color to complement the rest of the room. Those little touches of contrast between the saturated green of, say, a large bird of paradise or monstera deliciosa, and an otherwise color-free space can highlight the neutral look you’re going for.

Houseplants add more than just color

Indoor plants can also bring some much-needed texture into a room. If you have a kitchen full of sleek, light wood cabinets and metal appliances, the soft curves and natural lines of a plant makes it feel more inviting. Whether you place a few small pothos on top of your cabinets or opt for a succulent centerpiece on the kitchen island, you’ll still feel the effects of this tip.

Aside from making a room more welcoming, having living greenery in your home has been proven to benefit the physical and mental health of everyone who enters your space. If your ultimate goal with creating a neutral living space is to make it look more elevated, including plants as your statement pieces will elevate your life in the process.

And never fear: while there are plenty of plants that boast vibrant colors, there are equally as many that will keep your home’s design more subtle. Think white orchids, Ficus elastica Burgundy, or even a white bird of paradise.

So go ahead and buy that white carpet to go under that beige couch in that white living room (okay, that’s an exaggeration) but don’t forget to break up your neutrals with a thoughtful touch of green.

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