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How can I Keep My Pets Away From My Plants?

dimitri • April 04, 2022 • 2 min read

If you take a few precautions, you’ll never have to worry about your cat or calathea.

Is it super annoying to find your cat has chewed all the leaves in our houseplant? Um, yes times ten. They’re also known to knock them over, or use bigger plant pots as a litterbox. Dogs aren’t innocent either, as they’ve been known to sample a stem here and there too. But pet and plant parents should know that some indoor plants are actually toxic to animals if they decide to have a nibble. That means keeping them separate is safest for all parties involved.

The good news: there are simple steps you can take to keep your plants from getting mauled by your pet, and to keep your pets from winding up unwell in return. Read on for tips on how to keep your fur babies and plant babes safe from one another.

Hang them out of reach.

Been eyeing a fancy macrame hanger for your pothos? Well, consider an investment in both your home décor and your pet’s safety. Hanging plants from the ceiling keeps them out of reach for dogs and cats, unless you have a particularly mischievous cat who isn’t afraid to dangle from the planter. Just be sure to keep the vines trimmed up and you’re good to go. Placing them on top of a high shelf is another option if your pet isn’t a big jumper.

Make them taste terrible.

Animals use their mouths to investigate things, and after they’ve checked out your plant, they may decide they like the taste or feel and revisit it again. So, making your plant taste bad is one way of telling your dog or cat to buzz off. Many pet stores and online retailers carry all-natural pet repellent sprays, usually made with cinnamon, cayenne or citrus, or you can find recipes online to DIY one.

You can also offer up a tastier plant option: a cat grass from your local pet store. Most cats will get enough nutrition from their usual diet, but giving them their very own little plant to chew will provide some extra nutrients and a source of enrichment (one that doesn’t include your plants).

Provide other entertainment.

Sometimes pets mess with plants because, well, it’s fun. Think about it: a vine or frond can be pretty appealing to paw at, and is similar to a cat toy. Make sure your pets have plenty of other toys and chewable treats to choose from. This alone can make a difference in how often they wreak havoc on your houseplants.

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