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How to Propagate Your Plant

LiveTrends • June 17, 2022 • 2 min read

Propagating your plant is easier than you think, all it takes is a few minutes, a few steps, and a few weeks of patiently waiting

Propagation sounds like a fancy, scientific process thanks to its big name, but there are many methods of doing it, and most of them are pretty simple. The easiest is propagating from cuttings. You already have the supplies you need at home, and all it takes is a few minutes of your time. And seriously, is there anything better than free plants?

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • One mature, healthy plant- sansevierias and pothos are both great choices
  • Sharp, clean scissors or plant shears
  • Clean, well-draining medium, like perlite
  • Small jars, glasses, or other containers to hold water or medium

With your supplies ready, grab the plant you want to propagate from

Take a good look at your plant and find a few vines or stems you could clip off. Ideally, your cutting should be between four and six inches long. You’ll want to snip the cutting off below a node, which is where a leaf attaches to the stem — this is where new roots will grow from most easily. Remove most of the lower leaves, keeping just a few on top.

Got your cuttings? Now, let’s get them started.

Some plants can grow new roots by simply popping a cutting into a jar of water and waiting. Others do best when propagated in well-draining soil. For those plants, rooting hormone can be helpful. Simply dip the end of the cutting into the rooting hormone and place them into a container filled with perlite or a similar medium. Pat down the dirt around your cutting, water lightly, and wait. Some plants will have roots after only two weeks, and others will take a month or longer. But whenever it has a solid root system to speak of, you can place it in a new pot with your favorite potting soil.

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