Crocodile Fern

Crocodile Fern

    Commonly Known As:
  • Microsorum musifolium,
  • Crocodyllus Fern,
  • Crocodile Fern

The Crocodile Fern is typically found in Southeast Asia and parts of Australia. The texture of their leaves is very distinct and makes them a favorite amongst fern lovers. Crocodile Ferns can be picky about their environments, thriving in the humid tropics. They make great statement pieces, as they can grow up to 5 feet!

  • light

    Crocodile Ferns prefer lighting that mimics the bright, indirect sunlight that they’d normally receive growing under a canopy of trees. Avoid placing your fern in direct sunlight, as too much will burn its leaves.

  • water

    Crocodile Ferns love water. You should water your fern thoroughly and consistently, making sure its soil stays moist, without waterlogging your plant. A mix of peat moss and perlite should keep the soil draining well. To maintain a level of humidity for your tropical plant, you can also mist your fern daily, place it on a tray with pebbles so a small amount of water will evaporate beneath it, or take your fern into the bathroom while you shower for a spa day.

  • temperature

    Crocodile Ferns prefer temperatures of 64⁰F to 73⁰F. As a tropical plant, it does not handle cold well. Keep your fern away from drafts, air conditioners or heating vents that might mean a drastic change in temperature.

  • fertilizer

    Feed a diluted, water-soluble fertilizer that is specifically formulated for ferns once a month during spring and summer to promote healthy growth. Too much fertilizer can burn your plant, causing burn marks on the foliage.

    Plant Facts
  • They’re non-poisonous and known for having air-purifying qualities, which makes them a great choice for homes with kids or pets.

  • Crocodile Ferns frequently suffer from invasions of scale insects and if potted with soil that doesn’t drain well, they can be prone to root rot or fungal growth.

  • They’re slow growers, so you don’t have to repot them very often.

  • Difficulty Level: Difficult

  • You can create more Crocodile Ferns by dividing the roots.

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