Maranta – Green

    Commonly Known As:
  • Maranta Leuconeura,
  • green Prayer Plant,
  • Rabbit's Foot,
  • Maranta Lemon Lime

Marana Leuconeura, commonly known as a prayer plant, is an ornamental tropical plant native to the rainforests of Brazil. The Maranta gets its nickname from its behavior. Prayer plants display nyctinasty, meaning their leaves move in accordance with their circadian rhythm. Their foliage opens towards the sun throughout the day to maximize light intake and returns to an upright position at night to retain moisture and prevent water collection on leaves, reminiscent of hands in prayer.

  • light

    The Green Maranta houseplant prefers medium to bright, indirect light and is sensitive to direct sunlight. Best to place near an East or West facing window that is filtered by a thin curtain or blinds.

  • water

    The Green Maranta prefers to be moist but not wet or saturated with water. From our experience, it is easy to over water plants, so make sure to feel the dirt by pressing your fingers two inches into the soil. Yellow leaves are a sign of over watering so if you see them, scale down the amount of water.

  • temperature

    Maranta houseplants prefer temperatures of 65⁰F to 85⁰F. Do not expose to temperatures below 60⁰F.

  • fertilizer

    A very light feeder, apply a balanced houseplant fertilizer to your Marantas at half strength once every 1 - 3 months.

    Plant Facts
  • Circadian Rhythm: The Maranta’s famous movements are a product of its circadian rhythm, or internal clock. Circadian rhythms are biological habits and patterns that attune to a 24-hour cycle (like people’s sleep/wake cycle).

  • Prayer Hands: One theory that explains why the Maranta’s leaves return to an upright position at night is to retain moisture and prevent water collection on leaves to reduce the potential of leaf rot.

  • Native to the Brazilian rainforests

  • Difficulty level: Moderate

  • Pet-Friendly, not toxic to pets or humans.

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