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Everglades Seafoam With Philodendron Moonlight


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Named for the unique and expansive Florida wetlands, Everglades’ large ceramic body references the rippling water of the landscape and its unique mapping. This large, footed planter makes for a statement piece in any home.

  • Collection: Winter
  • Size: Medium (6 inches in diameter)
  • Perfect holiday gift
Live Indoor Plant Details
  • Common names: Moonlight Philodendron , Philo Moonlight, Lime Philodendron
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Plant Type: Foliage
  • Air-Purifying
  • Growth: average growth 20-24 inches tall
  • Note: live plant size may vary, no two plants are alike

22" H 6.75" W 6.75" L

Product Weight 3.3 lbs

6.75 inches
17.145 centimeters


22 inches
55.88 centimeters


6.75 inches
17.145 centimeters

Plant Care

The Moonlight Philo will look its best when it’s exposed to bright indirect sunlight. A place in your home where your plant can bask in the reflected rays of the sun, like on a shaded windowsill would be ideal. Avoid exposing your plant to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, or unsightly brown edges, yellow discoloration or even blackened spots could mar its foliage. While Moonlight Philodendrons can cope with medium or lower light settings, some of its striking color will be lost if it’s kept in low light conditions for more than 2-3 months.


Moonlight Philodendron, like other tropical plants, enjoys water in moderation. They key to finding the right balance in watering your plant is to follow the season: in spring and summer, water 1-2 times weekly and keep the top inch of soil moist to the touch. From September onwards, cut back on the water and allow the soil to dry in between waterings.


Moonlight Philodendron craves warmth. Temperatures of 65⁰F to 80⁰F are optimal to keep your plant feeling its best. In addition to warmth, the Moonlight Philodendron craves humidity in fairly high levels to keep its leaves healthy and bright. Supplementing moisture levels in your home with a humidifier, pebble trays under your plant’s pot or planter, or daily misting can help improve humidity for your Moonlight Philo. Even simpler, place your philo Moonlight in the bathroom when you take a shower so it can soak up the steam.


Use a commercial liquid houseplant fertilizer 1-2 times a month over the spring and summer months. As forest-based epiphytes, philodendrons prefer rich, humusy soil. In their natural environment, the forest constantly replenishes the nutrients the philo needs in its soil. Fertilizing your philo at home means providing both macro and micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, sulfur and NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), as well as traces of copper, iron, and zinc via the fertilizer you feed it. Sprinkling coffee grounds and leftover eggshells can also provide some of the essential nutrients your philo needs to thrive.

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