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Ficus Lyrata

Ficus Lyrata, commonly known as Fiddle Leaf Figs, are popular ornamental plants native to the rainforests of western and central Africa. These stunning houseplants have large, oval shaped green leaves that resemble the size and shape of a fiddle hence its name. Fiddle Leaf Figs are slow growers but mature intro tree like house plants after 4 years of growth making them great for living rooms or entry ways needing a focal point however are not the easiest to care for. This indoor plant needs plenty of bright, direct sunlight to thrive while also being periodically rotated with care to stop any leaves from falling and to ensure even growth on all sides. The rainforests they originate from have sporadic dry periods which need to be mimicked for ideal living conditions. The soil needs to be evenly moist with a brief drying period before watering, allowing the top 2 inches of soil to become dry. Misting the leaves will also ensure proper humidity if the air around them is overly dry. Over watering and moisture is a common issue that can lead to root rot and leaf loss. It will take some time to set a routine to properly care for the Fiddle-Leaf which is why this live plant is recommended for experienced plant parents that have a bright area to display their live plant.

  • Common names: fiddle-leaf fig, banjo fib
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Plant Type: tropical perennial foliage
  • Growth: average growth 6-10 feet tall
  • Warning: Mildly toxic to pets and children
  • Note: live plant size may vary, no two plants are alike
  • Perfect gift for the experienced Urban Jungle plant parent

22" H 7.5" W 7.5" L

Product Weight5.1 lbs

7.5 inches
19.05 centimeters


22 inches
55.88 centimeters


7.5 inches
19.05 centimeters

Plant Care

Fiddle Leaf Figs need bright, filtered light. They will rapidly deteriorate in dim lighting. Turn your Lyrata weekly to ensure all sides get adequate light, but avoid moving too much.


Keep soil evenly moist at all times. Water your Ficus Lyrata about 2-3 times per week,when the top two inches of soil are dry. Do not overwater or leave plant sitting in water.


Temperatures between 60⁰F - 80°F are suitable for the Fiddle Leaf Fig. However, these houseplants are very sensitive and do not like drafty areas, or being moved to new locations and will object by dropping leaves.


Fiddle Leaf figs prefer fertilizer that is high in nitrogen to encourage leafy growth. Use a slow-release fertilizer with a NPK ration of 3-1-2, (3% Nitrogen 1% Phosphorus 2% Potassium) during the growing season, spring to summer.

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