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Love Language With Monstera Deliciosa


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Product Details

There are many ways to communicate, and knowing your loved ones’ love languages is important.

Let’s talk about love. It seems simple, but sometimes communication is the greatest gift. There’s no translation necessary for Love Language's message and emoji-inspired design.

  • Collection: Valentine's Day
  • Size (including live plant): 6.75"L x 6.75"W x 22"H
  • Style: Maximalist
  • Note: live plant size may vary, no two plants are alike
  • Perfect gift your someone special
Live Indoor Plant Details
  • Plant Variety: Monstera deliciosa
  • Common names: swiss cheese plant, split-leaf philodendron
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Variety: tropical perennial foliage
  • Warning: Mildly toxic to pets and children

22" H 6.75" W 6.75" L

Product Weight5.2 lbs
Box Dimensions 29" H 9" W 9" L

6.75 inches
17.145 centimeters


22 inches
55.88 centimeters


6.75 inches
17.145 centimeters

Plant Care

Monstera Deliciosa thrive in bright to medium indirect light. These houseplants are not suited for intense, direct sun but can be acclimated to withstand it. Best to place Monstera near a window that is filtered by a thin curtain or blinds.


Water Monstera every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings. Expect to water more often in brighter light and less often in lower light. Pro tip: Monsteras can benefit from filtered water or water left out overnight before using.


Preferred temperature for Monstera Deliciosa are between 65°F and 85°F. Do not expose to temperatures below 50°F.


Use a well-draining potting mix for your Monstera houseplant. Mix in ingredients such as perlite or lava rocks to increase soil aeration.

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