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Modern Hearts - 2 Pack

While a stroke of Cupid’s arrow might render you speechless, be struck by this design instead. Fall head over heels for these bold, classic hearts in red and white that houses a sweet succulent.

Haworthia is a large genus of succulents mostly native to South Africa. Succulents are slow growing, drought resistant plants native to dry climates around the world. The term succulent applies to many types of plants that retain water in arid climates and include Cacti, Echeveria, Haworthia, and Gasteria, among others. Haworthia grow in rosette shapes and do well with bright, indirect light (think east or west facing windows) to promote full growth, color retention and avoid stretching.

  • Collection: Valentine's Day
  • Size: Small 4"W x 3"L x 4.5"H (including live plant)
  • Color: Red and White
  • Perfect gift for the special someone

Live Indoor Plant Details:

  • Common names: Zebra plant,Pearl Plant, Star Window Plant
  • Difficulty: Easy- Moderate
  • Pet-friendly, non-toxic
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Note: live plant size may vary, no two plants are alike

4.5" H 3" W 4" L

Box Dimensions 9" H 9" W 9" L

4 inches
10.16 centimeters


4.5 inches
11.43 centimeters


3 inches
7.62 centimeters

Plant Care

The Haworthia succulent enjoys bright indirect light. Place in a window filtered by curtains or blinds.


Haworthia succulents are drought tolerant plants. Water approximately once a month with 1 oz. at the base of the plant, allowing the soil to drain and dry completely in between waterings.


Like most other succulents, Haworthia prefer warm temperatures of 75 - 90°F.


Apply a balanced cactus fertilizer to your Haworthia at half strength once every 1 - 3 months during the spring to summer months.

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