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Alocasia Maharani

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Crocodile Fern
Philodendron Brandi

Philodendron Brandi

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Philodendron Brandi

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Philodendron Brandi

Philodendron Brandtianum, also known as philodendron Brandi or silver leaf philodendron, is a rare vining philodendron from South America. This unique plant has heart-shaped leaves with silver and emerald green markings that excel at purifying the air around it. This plant is unusual as it can grow as a terrestrial plant, a hemiepiphyte or an epiphyte.

Philodendron Brandi can be potted in a hanging basket or trained to climb trellises and other surfaces with support, making it a versatile plant to style your home with. Philodendron Brandi is a slow grower, but can reach a length of five feet. Like most philodendrons, Brandi prefers a humid environment and should be watered when the soil starts to feel dry to the touch. Place in a bright spot away from direct light and let this easy-going beauty grow! Philodendron Brandi is an attractive, tropical plant that helps remove pollutants from indoor air.

  • Common names: silver leaf philodendron, Brandi
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Variety: tropical trailing foliage
  • Growth: average growth 1-3 feet tall, trailing plant
  • Warning: toxic to pets and children
  • Note: live plant size may vary, no two plants are alike
  • Rare find
  • Perfect gift for the Urban Jungle beginner plant parent

14" H 5" L 5" D


5 inches
12.7 centimeters


14 inches
35.56 centimeters


5 inches
12.7 centimeters

Plant Care

Philodendron Brandi grows best in medium to bright indirect light. It can tolerate lower light conditions, but its growth will be much slower and smaller.


We recommend watering Brandi when the first two inches of soil feels dry.


Philodendrons prefer temperatures of 65 - 85°F.


Apply a balanced houseplant fertilizer to your Brandi at half strength once every 1 - 3 months.

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