Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah

Aglaonema Sparkling Sarah

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Golden Weave

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Pachira Golden Weave
Rattlesnake Calathea

Rattlesnake Calathea

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Rattlesnake Calathea

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Rattlesnake Calatheas, native to the rainforests of Brazil, can be tricky plants to nurture, but given patience and the right care, you’ll be rewarded with an impressive display of foliage. The distinctive decorative markings, which give them their common name, on the elongated leaves offer many variegated patterns in various shades of green. Even the undersides of their leaves are breathtaking with striking purplish-red tones.

While they’re gorgeous, the Calathea is not a plant for the faint of heart or beginning plant parents because of their particular light, water, and humidity requirements.

  • Common names include Rattlesnake Plant, Goeppertia insignis, formerly known as Calathea lancifolia
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Plant Type: Tropical Foliage
  • Rattlesnake Calatheas are native to the rainforests of Brazil
  • While they’re gorgeous, the Calathea is not a plant for the faint of heart or beginning plant parents because of their particular light, water, and humidity requirements
  • Note: live plant size may vary, no two plants are alike
  • Perfect gift for the Urban Jungle plant parent

22" H 7.5" L 7.5" D


7.5 inches
19.05 centimeters


22 inches
55.88 centimeters


7.5 inches
19.05 centimeters

Plant Care

Filtered light is the best option for the wellbeing of your Calathea. If placed in a window, select one that doesn’t get direct sunlight, or diffuse the sunlight with drapes.


Over the summer, when it experiences the most growth, your Calathea will need to be watered frequently to keep its soil moist. Yellow leaves on your Rattlesnake plant might signify its being overwatered, while under watering could result in leaves that curl unattractively. Frequent small waterings are preferable to deep irrigation; when watering, water your Calathea until water slightly trickles from the drainage holes. Do not allow your Calathea to sit in excess water.


Ideal temperatures for your Calathea are 60⁰F -75⁰F. As a tropical plant, the Calathea favors humid environments. You can emulate the humidity it prefers with a humidifier or by placing your Calathea’s pot on a tray with pebbles, so excess water drains and remains below the plant’s soil, providing the moist and humid conditions it thrives on. For a quick humidity fix you can also mist the Calathea regularly or even move it into your bathroom when you’re showering.


Feed your Calathea a balanced liquid fertilizer every month during the summer and spring growing seasons to encourage impressive and healthy foliage development.

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