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The Benefits of Being a Plant Daddy

LiveTrends • June 16, 2022 • 3 min read

This Father’s Day, cash in on all the benefits of adding a plant to your family!

The opinions that “Plants are for girls” or “plants aren’t manly enough” still exist even though over the last few years more and more people, regardless of gender, are choosing to be plant parents. And let’s be real: we definitely still hear “plant mom” or “plant mama” more often than we hear “plant daddy.” This Father’s Day, we’re here to set the record straight: men love plants too and becoming a plant daddy offers some pretty sweet benefits for your physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

Plants make you more attractive

Being a plant daddy shows that you can nurture and care for something other than yourself. Being attentive to the needs of your plant, mirrors the attentiveness that’s essential in a relationship. Assuming your plant babe survives (no judgement, no one begins as an expert), seeing a plant babe thrive under your care could set the tone for other milestones and reaffirm your partner’s trust in your relationship. If you’re not already taken, being a plant daddy is proven to make you more appealing to potential partners for many of the reasons above, plus having plant babes gives you fun content for your dating profiles. Many dating sites have noted an increase in users including their plant parenthood in their profiles and bonding over their plant collections.

Plants make you look like you have it all figured out

Probably one of the better-known benefits of being a plant daddy is how your plants can elevate your space. Want to improve the ambiance of your office? Add a pothos that will thrive in lower light. Trying to remove musky scents from the man cave? Bring in an air-purifying sansevieria or trailing philodendron. Or maybe you just want your mom to stop “dropping in” and offering suggestions for how to redecorate. Having plants as part of your home décor sends the message that you have it together. It can also mean less scrambling to clean up or set the scene when you have friends or someone special over.

Plants boost your confidence

You’ve kept that plant alive for how long? Watching your plants thrive should add some extra swagger to your step, as being a successful plant daddy is a big deal. The confidence that plants deliver can be felt in other ways as well. Without even realizing it, plants give you a boost by providing a calm and soothing environment. Keeping a plant alive can also instill a sense of purpose and meaning on those days where motivation is harder to find.

Plants don’t judge

While the rest of your friends and family might be sick of your dad jokes, you’ll always have your plants’ attention. Being a plant daddy means not being judged by your plants. They won’t tell you those pants aren’t in style anymore or that no one wants to hear your story about the winning touchdown of your high school football game for the millionth time. Depending on the type of plants you have, they probably won’t even judge you if you don’t always have it together and sometimes forget to water them or change their pot. Most importantly: they won’t tell mom.

It’s clear that adding a plant babe to your family results in better social, mental, and physical wellbeing, so what are you waiting for? Take the leap into fatherhood this Father’s Day by giving your relationship with plants the green light and becoming a plant daddy. You can thank us later.

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