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This Mother’s Day, Skip the Bouquet

LiveTrends • May 03, 2022 • 3 min read

As Mother’s Day inches closer on the calendar, it’s time to start making plans to celebrate all the moms and mother figures in your life. That includes two words: gift shopping.

Maybe the mom you’re buying for is your partner, sister, or a close friend. No matter who you’re honoring this Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong giving her a houseplant that will remind her for years to come, each time she sees it, that you’re thankful for her love and guidance.

Draw inspiration from what you love about her.

Is your mom a little eclectic? The ponytail palm is a quirky addition to any space with its wild green hairdo. It’s a great conversation starter if she likes to host, too. If she always looks put together in a statement-making outfit, the striking but subtle maranta may remind you of her. Or, if she’s the soft and sweet type, a Scindapsus is the most fitting choice.

Consider her lifestyle.

If Mama likes to take herself on regular weekend getaways or travels for work often, stick to hardy plants that can go a longer period of time without water. Air plants just need a good soak from time to time, and of course cacti and succulents can withstand a dry spell, no problem. (These are also great choices for new moms who likely don’t want anything new that needs their help to survive, but who also appreciate a little greenery.)

Think about her experience level.

Is your mom a certified plant lady who collects new babes on the regular? Or, are the only plants she ever buys made of fabric? If she’s an expert, you can sniff out a rare plant or purchase one off of her wish list. But, if she’s newer to caring for indoor plants, choosing a low maintenance Mother’s Day gift is best.

ZZ plants are great for beginner plant parents and basically thrive on neglect, so you can’t go wrong gifting her with one of these. Sansevierias are easy keepers too, and come in a few different color and size variations.

Make it simple.

When you’re choosing a plant for Mom, make sure you’re giving her a gift and not another chore. That means presenting her with her plant already potted and ready to be displayed — no need to get her hands dirty or make a mess later. Remember all those times you unwrapped toys from Santa that were already built, batteries in, ready to play? Yeah, it’s time to repay that debt.

No matter which plant you choose, your mom will enjoy it for years to come knowing you thought of her on Mother’s Day.

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