Take a look at the trends driving our LiveTrends Collections.

A Process Driven by Trends

Our team of trend researchers works year-round to identify the newest trends and patterns in lifestyles, interiors, tech, and design. These trends inform our two-year long design process. Take a closer look at the journey our products, from concept to launch.

Minimalist Trends

Form, Function, and Aesthetics drive the simplicity of the minimalist style. Explore the front-running Japandi and Industrial trends for 2022 that focus on recharging and decluttering.


Curator Trends

Artisanal and hand-crafted, our organic collections in 2022 focus on bringing raw, earthy textures to the home to create a sanctuary from the tech-driven world around us.


Trendsetter Trends

Bold, playful, and full of personality, our Trendsetter collections make a big statement. Trends for the outgoing and the adventurous, our Trendsetter collections and trends are meant to play with reality and spark the imagination.


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