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What Type of Plant is Your Mom?

LiveTrends • May 03, 2022 • 5 min read

Mother’s Day (note the apostrophe) is a time to celebrate, cherish and appreciate the mommas and mother figures in our lives. We might never agree on whose mom is best (for the record, mine is), but we can all agree that moms make a difference.  

As Mother’s Day rapidly approaches and you’re trying to decide on a gift that will earn you endless adoration and praise from mom, go green! But why stop there? By learning more about what house plant fits mom’s personality you can cater your Mother’s Day gift especially to her. While your sibling’s bouquets are wilting, your plant will remind mom daily of how much you love her.  

Pearl and Jade Pothos

Monstera Deliciosa

Ficus Lyrata


ZZ plant

Does she love exotic locales and adrenaline-inducing hobbies like ziplining or skydiving? Do all your friends describe her as “the cool mom?” Does she dream so big it seems like nothing ever grounds her?  

Then your mom might be a Tillandsia 

More commonly known as air plants, Tillandsia varieties are tropical plants that do not require soil to thrive. They’re epiphytic, getting their nutrients from the air and rainfall. Certain varieties change color from vibrant pinks to bright reds as they bloom. Each Tillandsia is unique and beautiful, just like mom!  

They also make the perfect gift for mom, as they only require a little weekly misting and are beautiful in a terrarium of their own or mixed in with other live goods.  

Tillandsia Brachycaulos or air plant

Is she the glue that holds everything together? Do you call her first when you need advice? Does she clear the air at awkward family gatherings?  

Sounds like your mom is a ZZ Plant. 

ZZ plants, or Zamioculcas zamiifolia (try saying that ten times fast), are aroid plants native to the forests and grasslands of eastern Africa. ZZs first grow bright green and then deepen to a rich emerald. They’re recognized as hardy and adaptable plants, managing to thrive no matter the circumstances, much like many moms!  

As a bonus, ZZ plants also have air purifying qualities and are forgiving when you forget to water them weekly, kind of like how mom is forgiving if you forget to call and check in every week.  

This Mother’s Day if you’re looking to get mom something that will last, gift her a ZZ plant.  

Is your mom laidback? Does she prefer to spend down time at home with family? Does she have an Insta or Snapchat that she doesn’t really know how to use, but that she started so she could keep tabs on your life?

Sounds like your mom is a Pothos 

Known by many different names, Pothos are tropical climbing plants. The most common, or Golden Pothos, have waxy green leaves with splashes of yellow, white, and cream that create a beautiful marble effect, but they also come in a huge variety of patterns and colors.   

 Especially popular for indoor spaces, Pothos are content to chill at home, thriving in the dimly lit living room where mom is trying to get the whole family to watch The Blindside for the three millionth time (yes, we know it’s a great movie). Unlike you and your siblings, Pothos also require little maintenance and are happiest hanging by a window that allows them to soak up indirect sunlight.  

 If mom is looking for a plant as lowkey as she is, consider gifting her a Pothos.  

Is her personality larger-than-life? Does she have her own unique sense of style that sometimes you just don’t “get”? Does everyone know to stay out of her way in the kitchen?  

Houston, we have a Monstera Deliciosa  

Commonly known as a Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monstera is native to the rainforests of Mexico and Central America. Its iconic leaves with distinctive perforated patterns are easily recognizable.  

While they require a little more TLC than some of the other plant types on this list, just like when mom’s in her element, Monsteras reward plant parents with exquisite foliage when they thrive. In the wild, Monsteras grow to dramatic heights and can produce delicious fruits that taste like a combination of pineapple and jackfruit. 

If your mom is bold and dynamic, consider getting her an equally unforgettable Monstera.  

Is your mom stunning and stylish? Does she make a statement even when she’s not trying to? When she enters a room do you imagine you hear music?

Sounds like you have a Lyrata on your hands 

More often known as a Fiddle Leaf Fig, Lyratas are popular ornamental plants native to the rainforests of western and central Africa. These stunning houseplants have large, oval-shaped green leaves that resemble the size and shape of a fiddle, hence its name.  

Fiddle Leaf figs do not grow over night, preferring to take their time to come into their own. Like mom, Lyratas like to make a statement. They often mature into tree-like houseplants that become the focal point of any space you feature them in. Just be aware, this plant babe needs plenty of direct sunlight and periodic rotation to live its best life. 

If you’re looking for a gift that’s as show-stopping as your mom, look no further than the Lyrata. 

Regardless of what plant fits your mom best, make this Mother’s Day one to remember by gifting her a plant from LiveTrends or Urban Jungle. Who knows? This could be the year mom announces to the world that YOU are her favorite (because even though you already know you are, it would be nice for everyone else to know too). 

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