Our Story

The LiveTrends story is a classic tale of dreaming big and achieving the impossible. Founded in 2013 by Bisser Georgiev and fueled by the belief that “Fusing Nature and Art” motivates people to view nature as a source of inspiration for their lifestyles and living home décor, LiveTrends has persevered in delivering beauty to millions each year. LiveTrends continues to evolve in its unwavering dedication to discovering, designing, and creating living interior décor.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people’s lifestyles by fusing nature and art. We believe that we can change how living décor is created, marketed and enjoyed by people worldwide.

Our Core Values

LiveTrends is home to over 500 incredible family members. Our culture is our people: diverse creators and innovators who are curious about life, work and those around us. Our talented team is the sole reason we’ve consistently grown our company and brands year after year, as we follow our five core values: team as family, passion for life, creativity in everything, achieving the impossible, and craving excellence.

Our Design

The company designs 100% of its unique art, grows its own high-quality plants, and assembles all of its final products. All this hard work is done at several locations in the Central Florida area, and shipped across North America.

Global Footprint

LiveTrends recently entered the European market by establishing local headquarters in Denmark. With a global supply chain that includes suppliers from Bangladesh, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and others from around the world, LiveTrends is able to source the highest quality materials for our designs.