Meet Our Team

Meet the faces behind LiveTrends Design Group.


Our leadership team consists of six members that spearhead the company’s initiatives.

Bisser Georgiev

Founder & CEO

Kendra Wilson


Hollie Nasr

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Chris Reich

VP of Strategic Planning


Our Industrial Design team creates everything from our unique products to custom indoor displays.

Alex Muspratt

Director of Innovation

Thomas Hierholzer

Industrial Design Director

Manuela Arroyave

Art Director

Joel Hierholzer

Industrial Designer

Alex Chapple

Industrial Designer

Ashley Angresano

Senior Product Manager

Madeleine Rhein

Product Manager

Nick Roman

NPD Data Manager


Our sales team handles all of our B2B customer programs and works with our design team to discover new market opportunities.


Jessica Pearce

Director of Sales

Natalie Brooks

Account Director

Chris Vaughan

Account Manager

Terah Reid

Account Manager

Harry Vaughn

Account Manager

Clarixa Zaldivar

Junior Account Manager

Michelle Young

Sales Administrator


Our marketing team collaborates together to develop all branding elements and marketing materials in-house including photography, videography, and design

Lauren Alsina

Creative Director & Head of Marketing

Marieke Hoogerwerf

Visual Merchandising Manager

Meagan Sapashe

Senior Graphic Designer

Daphne Lopez

Social Media Designer

Maureen Michas

Director of Ecommerce


Our accounting department is ten team members strong and handles budgets, acquisitions, and HR on top of their day to day.

Tyler Walls

AP Analyst

Phina Charlot

AR Analyst

Tiffany Standifer

AP Analyst

Holli Brunkala

AP Analyst

Miguel Acevedo

Staff Accountant

Human Resources

Our Human Resources team supports the unique culture of our company and ensures we live our core beliefs in our day-to-day work lives.
Venus Segarra

HR Manager


Our IT and data teams create programs and tools in-house and work with our other departments to run accurate reporting and develop new software that progresses the company.

Christian Schwarz

IT Manager

Dave Cole

Data Department Manager

BJ Ducusin

Data Analyst


Our operations team handles everything from sourcing and logistics to production and assembly.


Kerri Ann Hansel

Director of Product Industrialization

Don Sager

General Manager

Jarod Nelson

Logistics Manager

Rayda Rodriguez

Logistics Admin

Brian Ott

Special Projects Manager

Alan Reichwein

Production Manager

Quincy Kolp

Live Goods Sourcing and Innovation Manager

Ashley Gutierrez

Production Manager

Felicitas Garcia

Production Supervisor

Melissa Lamb

Horticulture Production Assistant

Bethanny Lahey

Quality Control


Meet the leaders of our retail team, responsible for running our Winter Garden Boutique and hosting a variety of events in-store.


Meredith Rhein

Boutique Manager

European Team

Meet the team members of LiveTrends Design Group Europe.

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