Our Creative Process

Take a look behind the scenes and see how we make our designs a reality. Our products’ journeys start almost two years before hitting the market, giving us time to pull together to research, test, and finalize our ideas prior to launch.

Product Beginnings

All collections start with a brief that encompasses trends from all categories, including art, fashion, social, economics, and technology.

22 Months


  • Gather trend intelligence
  • Identify future needs
  • Target exciting opportunities
18 months


  • 10 full-time industrial design & development creatives
  • Consumer-centric approach
  • Focus on the retailer
12 months


  • Consumer testing
  • Retail testing
  • Collection refinement
6 months


  • Global sourcing
  • Secure best vendors
  • Build inventory
Global Sourcing
0 months


  • Products are hand assembled
  • POP displays are ready for use
  • Innovative retail experience

Our Process in Action

Curious about the trends that drive our creative process? Learn the story behind our products and what is up and coming this year.

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